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Quick Tricks for New SEO Campaigns

Search engine optimisation forms the core of any online marketing strategy. An effective SEO campaign makes it possible to reach out to potential customers by driving more traffic to your page. However, what are some of the quick tricks implemented by SEO experts and agencies to optimise a website and boost its rank on search engines?

Compiled below is a list of effective tricks used by SEO specialists to make the most of existing campaigns.

Integrate Your Online Potential:

A quick win technique often employed by experts involves amalgamating the client’s assets. Very often brands possess three or four websites without any specific goal. This was a common practice earlier, during a phase that can be referred to as ‘SEO Dark Ages’. However, this strategy does not yield any productive results. Hence, it is best to consolidate the dispersed potential and build a strong backlink profile for the main website. Persuading brands to give up on multiple websites and focus on strengthening a single one has reaped immediate gains. Brands have been able to gain better visibility and control their presence in an effective way. Besides, having a single website is also immensely helpful in directing traffic and empowering the page to compete better in search results.

Another related perspective is to emphasise on specific pages and their content. After all, it is the pages that rank and not the website. Indeed, domain authority is essential, but strengthening particular pages is equally important. This is especially true when you are trying to rank specific content. However, improper URL structure and poor redirects make the task of ranking higher in search results an uphill task for websites. To ensure that page values are not being split and to avoid duplicate content issues, the best strategy that works is using canonical tags and creating high-level redirects to a single version of the page.

Leverage Brand Mentions:

An aspect that is commonly ignored is to figure out the unlinked brand references for the client. Search operators can be employed to find brand mentions on authentic sites. You can then reach out to the websites and request to link the brand names. This is a very simple yet effective technique to drive more traffic to your page.

Use Long-Form Content:

Another effective methodology that can be implemented with positive results is the use of more text on your page. Businesses that aim for immediate results on their paid keywords should create long form content. Google ranks longer pages higher and this is true for both blogs and sales page. Increasing the text in any page can yield better results on search engines. The logic behind the success of long-form content is simple. Search engines rank the most reliable piece on a particular subject highest. Having voluminous content can easily help to achieve this target. An example of the success of long-form content is the fact that some of the high-ranking blogs include content between 2200-2500 words. The same rules that apply for blog posts are effective for marketing sales page too. While creating a blog, it is necessary to add pure value content. Similarly, for your website page, you need to show your visitors why you are the leader in your niche. You need to develop the best copy, add videos and images to enhance engagement and you will soon notice the difference within a short span.

Identify the Low Hanging Fruit Keywords:

A quick an easy avenue to succeed and secure a better rank is by figuring out keywords that are helping you to rank but haven’t been focused upon. This technique really works for new clients and a study of the client’s current analytics and keyword data can help to identify potential keywords. This process becomes easier if the client has Google Search Console data. It allows you to do an in-depth analysis of each page and recognise the content that is generating traffic and impetus for keywords but hasn’t been optimised for. Techniques as these are easy to implement but can yield quick results for clients.

Another popular approach used by SEO experts with new clients involves navigating to the ‘Top Organic Keywords’ on the tool SEMRush for that client. This tool can help to identify the traffic-generating keywords for the client’s website. Making a note of the commercial keywords that are positioned between #11 and #20 and the URL of the website that is ranking can help implement a basic on-page optimisation plan with a focus on these keywords. This technique can yield remarkable results within a few weeks and the website may be able to achieve the coveted page#1 rank.

International Targeting:

A simple yet effective method to boost page rank is by internationalising the website. A website might be targeting a specific country but making use of a generic domain like .com or .org. In this case, setting a specific geographic target from Google Search Console helps Google to know the specific country that you intend to target.  

You even have the option to modify the settings at Search Console through Search Traffic >International Targeting.

However, you need to ensure that the content is relevant to the search terms and caters to the queries of the user. International targeting gives you the opportunity to rank better for location specific queries. However, you lose exposure in the other countries. This makes it necessary to be sure that your website or brand is intended for a particular audience within a specific country. Before implementing this practice, you need to be clear with your targeting goals.

April 21, 2017

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