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Social Media Marketing

Packages Tailored to Your Needs

The problem with other Social Media agencies is that they treat each and every client the same. There’s no uniqueness involved what so ever. All of their clients receive the same generic time line that’s usually based off some template file stored on a computer somewhere. Not here and not with us!

Client satisfaction is our #1 concern. Since every client’s needs and goals are different, we create custom social media packages to accommodate each and every one of them. No two are the same. In order to keep you informed about what’s being done at each stage of the process, you’ll be provided with a highly-detailed outline of your complete marketing strategy. You will never be in the dark about what is currently being worked on.

In order for you to make an informed decision regarding what services will be provided within your assigned budget, all of our rates will be provided upfront. Expect no hidden fees or charges.

Us & Them: The Difference

If you’ve already review a few other social media agencies, then you’re probably aware that their packages are based solely on billable hours. With us, everything is based on results. We genuinely want to see you reach your social media goals and go above and beyond in order to help you do so. Each of our custom packages are created to not only maximize the return on your marketing investment, but also to assist you in achieving success while doing so.

Allow us to help you achieve peace of mind. We’ll do all of the work for you allowing you to focus on other important tasks that require your attention. Check in whenever you like for an update or simply kick back and allow us to send you one as your marketing strategy progresses to new stages. Everything from content creation to replying to messages will be handled by our team.

Without a Proper Strategy, Your Social Media Campaigns WILL Fail

The Reason You Need a Social Media Management Strategy?

Social media has revolutionized the internet for ever. Billions of people and potential customers use it every single day. Facebook alone has about one billion users. That’s about 1/7th of the population of the entire planet. It’s more than the whole population of Europe. They state that over 50% of these people log on every 24-hour period. Those numbers are huge.

If you run a business in any sector what so ever, then surely, you’re aware that because of the huge numbers involved, you need to be present and have your company well represented in this area. The problem is that while you may have vast amounts of experience and be an expert in a specific field, the knowledge and skills required to maximize the outstanding opportunity that this form of media represents are very different.

A social media agency package plan is required to fully utilize the wealth of tools that you are presented with in this global market place. Customers spend 1 out of every 6 minutes that they’re online using some sort of social media platform. Viral nature means that you can spread news of your various services and offers widely and quickly if you know how. WE DO!

We will ensure that your company is represented in a professional manner. By allowing us, as experts in the field, to do what we do best, you’ll be free to do what you do best in your own field. We’ll be certain to help you get the results that you should be achieving.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Overview

Your custom made social media strategy clearly identify in detail the various milestones that should be achieved over the course of 6 months.

Each Custom Social Media Strategy Includes:

· Each bullet is for a different feature included in the strategy.

· I don’t exactly what strategies yours will include, so this part was intentionally left for you to

· easily add the ones you want to into the article.

Turnaround time for each custom social media marketing strategy is less than 30 days. Again, you will be a part of the process every step of the way from concept to completion. You’ll be supplied with weekly and monthly status reports to review along the way.

Development of Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

After the completion of your Social Media marketing strategy, our team will move on to optimizing your current social media campaigns across different platforms for optimal performance. Your campaigns, business pages, and profiles will become more engaging and attractive to potential customers. Email campaigns will also be created to successfully engage with past, current, and newly acquired prospects to help further grow your business.

The following tasks are usually done during this stage:

· Each bullet is for a different task. Same as above. Intentionally left blank so you can add in

· whatever you’d like to.

How Do I Get Started?

We understand that your time is very precious. You’re probably already overwhelmed with numerous tasks that you need to get done on a daily basis. We don’t want to take up unnecessary amount of your time. Our “Getting Started” process consists of 4 simple steps.

1. We sit down with you and/or your team to discuss any problems you currently face regarding your social media marketing process and results.

2. We discuss your needs and goals. Once those are clear, we go over the best package for your situation.

3. A social media marketing strategy is developed and reviewed with you.

4. Upon approval of the plan, it’s enacted and we get your business on the road to success.

Our Social Media Packages Are Perfect For:

· Any business or company seeking to produce a greater number of qualified leads.

· Companies and business who haven’t been seeing success using various other lead generating methods.

· Businesses wishing to outsource the social media management to free up more capital and resources within their companies.

Who Can We Help?

If you are wondering if we only deal with specific types of businesses, the answer is “No”. We work with a variety of clients in all types of fields such as medical, entertainment, education, finances, law, hospitality, fitness, sports, travel, tourism, restaurants, retail, etc. We cater to everyone from top fortune 500 companies (global, national, and regional) to online businesses run by a single entrepreneur. No one client is too big or too small. Each will receive the same dedication and level of care as the next.

If any of these sound like you and/or your business, let us know. We’ll be glad to assist you.


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