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Website Security

Thank you for visiting our site. You are probably here looking for a solution for you website, that has either been hacked or blacklisted by Google. We know that this looks bad to you and your visitors and in the long run you might end up losing traffic to your site which results you to losing a lot of money. This is the right place for you. We are a number one company that aims to keep websites safe and secure from hackers and malware with our complete web security packages.

We have well educated and trained professional security experts and engineers who will give you free consultation over the phone. Contact us with the number below to get more insight on how to protect and keep your website malware free and secure from malicious hackers.

Our major services include website protection and cleaning up. Here are some of the services we provide if your website has been hacked or blacklisted:

  • Malware removal. Our engineers and experts remove any malware that might be injected into your site as quickly as possible and prevent future attacks.
  • Website antivirus. We have developed an antivirus that will eliminate any malware from your website before any damage is done.
  • Security alerts. We use a security system on your website that offers visibility into your users and your site activity which allows us to respond quickly to prevent any malicious activities from going on.
  • Vulnerability fixes. Our engineers will help you figure out loop holes in your site that make it vulnerable to attacks.

Why should you work with us?

Virus monitoring system- we have a fast antivirus system that detects any malware in your website. Our engineers have developed algorithms that identify and deal with known and unknown malware that may get into your website.

Automatic and manual cleanup. We have automatic clean up and scan methods to quickly get your website back on track. Our manual clean up systems will also be used on your website to ensure we get accurate results to remove your site from the blacklisted lot and to effectively solve any malware problem problems.

We work with any type of (Content Management System) like Joomla and WordPress as well as all types of serves whether shared or dedicated not leaving behind web application and custom made websites.

Professional support when you need it. Our services are 24/7/365 and our security experts are always available for any questions and consultations you may need.


Monday – Friday: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Meeting by Appointment only)


Exchange Tower Level 1, 530 Little Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000
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