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Adwords Management Package

PPC, which is an abbreviation for Pay-Per-Click, is a form of internet marketing that many agree is the most accountable type of advertising. With PPC, you are able to have a precise budget and pay only when your ad is clicked on by a visitor. Paid advertising may also include mobile ads and remarketing options. As a top PPC management agency, Click Trends offers a lot to clients, which include the following:

  • An exclusive chance to work with industry-leading PPC specialists
  • A rare opportunity to get the best of your PPC search presence using a pricing model that fits your financial plan
  • A devoted account manager that will provide tailor-made services to meet your specific needs

How is PPC Management Rates Determined?

At Click Trends, we offer three different PPC management packages. How we price each of our packages is determined by budget of campaigns managed. We assure you that our individual PPC packages can more than meet any need you may have.

Another thing that affects how we price our PPC management is the extra services included in each of our packages. These may include design and implementation of landing page, as well as web conversion analysis reporting.

For further explanation of PPC pricing models by one of industry-leading PPC agencies, please check out the below charts for PPC management prices and other vital information. Currently, we provide a number of AdWords and PPC management packages like Remarketing, PPC and mobile PPC.

What Makes Us an Authority on PPC Management Pricing?

Here at Click Trends, we boast some of the finest internet marketers with over 15 resident AdWords Certified specialists. When you hire us, your internet marketing professional will not only be PPC-certified, but you will also benefit from their immense experience in running paid campaigns. We have been providing internet marketing services since the days when PPC was an option of advertising.

If you have researched PPC pricing online, you have probably realized that majority of firms don’t indicate their PPC management pricing online. Although we can’t say what informs this decision, our policy at Click Trends is to give our clients the best possible solutions. This includes honest estimates on our pricing of PPC management, without any smokescreens. We reveal what each plan will involve so as to help our customers know precisely what’s included in their pay-per-click management prices.

PPC management prices

It is very important to determine the right pay-per-click management costs of your company as this will enable you to choose the plan that is best suited for your needs. The way we lay out our PPC pricing is to assist any business model, whether small, established or local, to target specific clients with the help of a qualified and a reliable PPC manager. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable specialists who are more than capable of performing mobile PPC management and PPC setup based on the PPC package you desire for your business.

Our track record of excellence is demonstrated by the superior ROI provided by our PPC campaigns. Our team has extensive knowledge on PPC management and this is attested by the fact that our PPC marketing campaigns usually surpass 4000%. Let’s hear from you if you are looking for this kind of ROI.

Professional PPC Management Services from Captains of the Industry

By banking on the specialist knowledge and skills of PPC management gurus at Click Trends to be in charge of your PPC accounts, you have Microsoft advertising professionals and Google AdWords Certified marketers working on your side. In other words, our team of pay-per-click managers is more than capable of managing your PPC account. Meanwhile, we continue to keep abreast of changes to ad platforms, how best to optimize campaigns and current best practices.

We have polished the AdWords management services we offer to give our clients the best in PPC. Also, our professional internet marketers have between them decades of experience which makes them among the industry’s finest in terms of PPC campaign management. And since our price list is quite transparent as from above, you will know precisely what to expect with regard to PPC management costs.

All our internet marketing professionals have the requisite skills and knowledge to increase the ROI of your business by getting best value out of your PPC budget. Due to the fact that our marketers know how to run PPC campaigns, set up one and also understand the best way to give you optimum results, our dedicated team will also have your AdCenter and AdWords campaigns optimized so that you get only qualified clicks.

The fact that our team members have PPC manager certifications from Microsoft and Google serves to show that they have ability and knowledge to use the most current AdCenter and AdWords tools available. We combine this expertise with our awareness of the latest best practices to give you the best PPC campaign in the industry. Whether you hire us to set up your very first campaign from scratch, or you want us to completely overhaul your current campaign, our inventive approach of optimizing your campaign will ensure that you get the best ROI.

As any PPC manager worth his salt will tell you, you can only neglect any data that could give you great clues on how to constantly improve your website at your own risk. After you have set and optimized your search engine marketing campaigns, it is important that you pay attention to how the campaigns are performing. When it comes to tracking, you have two options. The first one is to hire someone on fulltime basis to manage this, and the second option is to take advantage of Click Trend’s professional PPC management team to run this for you. Our team has proven experience in running a wide range of PPC campaigns.

Whether you want new leads to be generated for your b2b business, or you want ecommerce PPC management, you can count on our experienced team of marketers to get the job done not only on time but also on budget. We run an AdWords PPC management that is second to none. We’d really love to show you why. Contact us today and join thousands of happy clients who are laughing all the way to the bank.


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