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Website Development Services

Very few things are as important to a business than making a stellar first impression. And nothing makes a better impression than an excellent website where your potential customers first land.

According to recent studies, as much as 97% customers first look for a product or service they want to buy via the Internet. In a way, we can say that your website is your identity, and how you advertise it plays a great role in portraying the right image of your brand. Nowadays, having a good looking website is not enough.

Your site has to be easy to navigate, readily accessible on all mobile devices, as well as have the potential to attract and convert leads. In short, it’s safe to say that a website serves as the central point of all your digital marketing efforts.

If you think your current company website is having difficulty driving traffic and converting visitors to leads, then it may be time to think about a redesign. Worry not, because Click Trend is here to get the job done. Our website design and development team builds only the best custom websites using WordPress, which is a robust content management system (CMS).

All our websites are built to drive more traffic and effectively convert visitors. Put your trust in us, and we’ll make sure you have a company website that supports your business model and marketing goals. Using the new website, you’ll also be able to maximize the reach and impact of your brand on the global or local your audience.

The websites we build are fully responsive, meaning they automatically adapt to user interface regardless of the device the visitor is using. Not only does this provides the the user a seamless navigation experience from PC, mobile, tablet, and laptop, but also leaves a long-lasting impression on the credibility of your company.

Our expert team goes above and beyond expectations in the areas of strategic planning to ensure that your website is search engine optimized (SEO) and comes with useful tools like social media integration, call to action, landing pages, blogs, links, etc. for your site to get found on the World Wide Web and convert visitors.

Click Trend promises to give you the best website you have ever laid your eyes upon, and we don’t just mean that in terms of visual aesthetic.

Web Design Melbourne

Generate more traffic: Through our enhanced SEO techniques, we do targeted keyword research in the best possible way and include them on your website pages for the best results in search engine optimization.

Better user engagement: We understand the importance of influencing the visitor’s perception of your company, and that is why we are focused on designing websites that build trust and compels action. We create websites that add market value and align to your brand’s motto so that it instantly appeals to the target audience’s buyer personas.

Enhanced user experience: Nothing beats user experience when it comes to building trust and authority. Having a clean website that is easy to find, simple to navigate, and has useful information serve as the foundation of a reputable brand. Through placing good conversion elements, sensible navigation levels, and other helpful features, we ensure that your website encourages visitors to stick around longer.

Social media integration: All our websites come with complete social media integration so that visitors can easily share your content on their profile. Be it blogs, offers, webpages, or any other content, the inclusion of social media sharing acts as proof that your brand is legitimate and has a formidable presence among real people.

Email marketing: Since a crucial function of a website is to serve as a landing page for every communication released via email marketing; we provide you a custom designed template that matches your website’s theme. We take great care in designing these templates and position the sign-up strategically to encourage the visitor to subscribe to your mailing list.

Mobile friendly: Various studies and surveys have confirmed that more people nowadays access the web using their smartphones and tablets than PCs. The number is expected to get way higher in the upcoming years. This is why we make your site accessible and conversion friendly for visitors coming from iPad, Android, and other handheld devices so that your business never comes to a halt.

Our expert team at Click Trends only designs websites that are perfectly responsive on Desktops as well as portable devices. Responsive web design makes sure that every page is mobile friendly and adapt accordingly to the user’s device. Without this feature, there is a high chance of visitors bouncing off your website page and going to a competitor’s website, which is much easier to use.

Content marketing

Need someone to write your copy but don’t know where to even begin looking for recruits? Don’t worry; Click Trends also gives you comprehensive content marketing and content writing services so that you do not end up spending time, money, and other precious resources to keep an in-house team. All of our website design price quotes have a basic level of copywriting and content marketing services included.

For more copy, do not hesitate to get in touch with us as our advanced support and content management team is always available for an additional fee. We also excel in providing our clients exceptional pieces of content that are laser targeted to attract and engage a broad range of buyer personas. We take the time to understand the voice of your brand and put it out on a creative copy so that you make more sales.

Some of the copywriting services we offer are the following:

  • Blog development
  • Copywriting web page content
  • Article writing
  • Copywriting white papers and e-books
  • Infographics and script writing
  • Website redesign

What are the signs that say your website needs a redesign?

Since your website is the most important market tool that helps to achieve your business goals, evaluating its performance frequently is crucial. Do you think your website is outdated and doesn’t include the right visual appearance and antiquity features?

Can your website be found on Google? If not, it must be fixed immediately using proper on page SEO.

Is your website browser friendly? Mobile friendliness and browser compatibility are essential elements that you cannot ignore.

Does your website look good? If you think it can look better, then redesigning it would be the perfect choice.

What are the benefits of a website redesign?

Because web presence matters, a full website redesign can reinvigorate and reinvent your company’s web presence. But to achieve this, you must ensure that you’ve got the right professionals on the job. You have nothing to fear as long as Click Trends is doing your website redesign.

Some of the main advantages of site redesign are as follows:

  • Attract more targeted traffic to your website
  • Provide better user experience
  • Better engage visitors with sophisticated look and useful content
  • Improve lead generation and increase online sales
  • Greater compatibility with mobile devices and browsers

Benefits of SEO

  • Faster uploading and download times
  • An edge over your competitors

E-commerce websites

E-commerce solutions: E-commerce in the US is expected to grow by leaps and bounds, which is why having a proper e-commerce web design is of utmost importance. A successful e-commerce design will let your business tap into an expanding market and allow you to scale rapidly. For all your e-commerce design needs, Click Trends provides comprehensive solutions to get your business up and running.

Some of the e-commerce services we provide are the following:

1. Custom design and development of e-commerce sites

2. Efficient product inventory management

3. Integration of shopping carts

4. Product catalogs based on data

5. Integration of online payment process

6. Integrated shipping options

7. Advanced content management system

9. Better Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Some of the benefits of having an e-commerce website are as follows:

1. 24/7 availability business availability for 365 days a year

2. Relatively low overhead in comparison to a bricks and mortar store

3. Ability to sell even a broader range of items

4. Ability to scale and even reach global markets

5. Make more profit on each item that gets sold

6. Ability to capture email addresses for email marketing

7. Better potential to do up-selling to increase the sale value of each customer

8. Ability to offer complementary products and cross-sell during checkout

9. Get more information about the tastes, preferences, and desires of potential and existing customers

10. Better social media engagement through sharing their purchases

Custom Web Development Solutions

Click Trends has a highly skilled in-house team of web developers that can grow your business online by providing custom website solutions for your ideas. You may request a custom website and features for a variety of reasons such as:

To integrate third-party applications with the site to enhance productivity and provide better customer experience

To meet the needs of specific groups including, members, languages, and select clients

How can we help?

The Click Trends web development team has a reputation of working on various complex projects and successfully bringing a significant return on investment for the clients. Take a look at some of our custom website features that we can implement to meet your business needs:

  • Multiple website platforms
  • Multi-branded websites
  • Multilingual websites
  • Management company websites (for real estate, restaurants, etc.)
  • Association websites
  • Directory websites
  • Membership functionality
  • Distributor websites
  • B2B e-commerce
  • Professional services listing
  • Product catalog integration using CRM, ERP, POS
  • Dealer pricing discounts
  • Customer account portals
  • Preview custom products
  • Product configurators
  • Generate PDF
  • Multi-variable pricing


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