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Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a development of e-commerce website it’s also used to promote or advertise your goods and service.

Google searches are so popular for videos, images, and news but have you attempt using shopping tab that is a combination of merchant center and AdWords where goods and services can be advertised directly in Google shopping search?

This service is only accessible to e-commerce enterprise, any firm that sells its goods and services online.

What is it?

Google Shopping is a search engine mainly for goods and services sold by e-commerce websites. Accessing your services or goods been advertised here you must follow these three steps.

First, utilizing the Google merchant center will assist you to upload your product data and store to Google and make it accessible to Google services and Google shops.

Secondly, by linking your Merchant Center accounts and Google AdWords, this will enable you to surface your goods and services directly to clients through goods and services Listing Ads.

Finally, your goods and services that you provide will be shown on Google Shopping results thus bringing more clients and sales.

What are the Benefits?

  • Goods and services will be accessible to many customers.
  • Cope up with your requirements
  • More online presence
  • Increase in sales
  • Helps you to regulates your competitor’s prices

Why Choose Us?

Google certifies Google shopping as it’s up to date with their most current changes and policies. By allowing Click Trends to manage your product listing ads and Google Shopping, you are then able to focus on your business without having to get much involved in your advertisement.We are aware that the e-commerce market can cause vast arrays of customers. If you know what client searches for and can produce it right along main phrases, that will get the customers attention towards your goods and services.


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