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Content Marketing Package

Five years ago, the marketing professional indulged in promoting a product or a service was the “actual king” in the online business environment. While the phrase “consumer is the king” was still prevalent and preached to no extent, the truth was something else. Nonetheless, with the unprecedented growth in social media websites, YouTube channel and the Google search engine, the market has changed and actually turned in favor of the consumer.

Five years ago, the seasoned marketer used to push his product or service via various media channels such as Google Adverts, radio, television and magazines. The strategy adopted by marketing professionals was to compel a prospective customer to purchase the product by constantly drilling him/her with a constant bombardment of ads.

Nowadays, the customer wishes to ascertain the background of the product, its creator and the significance of the product in a practical scenario. No wonder, customers conduct a thorough background check about the product and its creator before finalizing their decision. The age-old push based marketing strategies do not work any longer.

Content Marketing and its Effectiveness in Promoting a Product/Service:

Content Marketing is an act of educating the customer about a particular product or service by creating informative and detailed reviews. This is a cost-effective means of attracting the customer. By compiling unbiased reviews that enables the target audience to take a favorable decision, the marketer is able to develop a strong relationship with the prospective customer.

Ironically, several innovative advertising mediums such as pop-up ads, cold calls and mass emails, have failed to influence consumers and are being blocked via advanced filtration system installed on the computers of the target audience. As per the current statistical data, over 90% consumers convert into “buying customers” only after they are convinced of the product’s worth after reading its reviews online.

It is therefore not incorrect to state that “content is the king which is crowned by the customer”.

Why Choose Our Content Marketing Package?

While we have already explained in brief the importance of content marketing, our packages have not yet been revealed. Here is why our promotion strategy is flawless and a step ahead of our nearest competitor:

Our 4-step marketing strategy:

@ The Problem Solving Approach – First and foremost, our highly skilled team of content writers create a write-up that first identifies the problems faced by the target audience and then compiles a review (pertaining to the product or service in contention) providing a solution to that problem.

@ Lead Generation Strategy – After we have double checked the content for its user friendliness and problem solving capability, we then determine the most suitable strategy to enhance its reach. For this very purpose, we create the ‘first wave’ of marketing by adopting PPC Adverts, blog posting, developing social media pages, email messaging and creating social media adverts.

@ The Free Giveways – The customers attracted via our first wave of marketing campaign are further encouraged to purchase the product through freebies. These include an eBook, a discounted offer or a Whitepaper. These are given away after the customer willingly subscribes to the offer.

@ The Final Sale and Customer Acquisition – The last and final strategy is to acquire the customer after the sale has been made. Follow-up emails are dispatched to educate the customer on new product launches and discounted offers. Hence, a single customer is transformed into a multiple buyer.

Please remember that the marketing strategy is not an overnight deal and it takes time and effort on our end. Nonetheless, when the strategy is put to place, the final result is extremely rewarding in nature.

Why do We Lay Emphasis on Strategy?

Like it or not, the success of your product or service is directly dependent on how well it is showcased to the target audience. For this very reason, chalking out a flawless marketing strategy is of utmost importance. If you do not have a viable marketing strategy in place, you would end up struggling to sell even a single product, regardless of its value or worth to the customer.

@ Performing an Audit – To avoid the scenario wherein the customer needs to search for a needle in a haystack, we lay great emphases on the marketing strategy. For this very purpose, we spend ample time auditing the product/service as well as the goals of the mother company. We take great care to extract even the minutest of information that is relevant to ensure the success of your target asset.

@ Content Marketing Strategy – After having analyzed the targeted asset (product or service), our skilled content marketing team indulges in the creation of an effective marketing strategy to introduce the target audience with the asset in contention. This introduction needs to be such that it leaves a lasting impact on the minds of the target audience thereby transforming a curious individual into a loyal customer.

@ Mapping the Strategy with the Target Audience – After identifying the target audience, the next step is to map the content marketing strategy with the behavioral patterns of the target audience. We are firm believers of the concept that you develop a loyal repeat customer base only when you are able to showcase “how” the marketed product would benefit the target audience. Over here, emphasis needs to be laid on displaying how the product/service in contention shall positively transform the lives of those who make use of it.

@ Importance of Our Package Plan – As mentioned above, content marketing is a slow process and it does not yield instant results. Our marketing packages span a minimum of six months, so as to ensure that your product is slowly but surely showcased to prospective customers, thereby allowing you to benefit out of the profitable (recurring) sales.

Our Elite Content Creation Staff:

@ Our “To The Point” Approach – We hire only the best content writers to create your web content from scratch or for developing an existing write-up. We take great pride in ensuring that our content creation is in sync with the expectation of the target audience. Without beating around the bush, our elite content writing team ensures that they come straight to the point highlighting the problems faced by consumers and then offering its solution (via product description, its pros & cons, its main features and its ability to resolve customer issues).

@ Inform, Educate and Entertain – We offer unmatched content creation and content marketing services that cater to both B2B and B2C companies. Unlike generic content creation offered by many ordinary service providers, we ensure that our content is unique and enriching in nature. Our motto is to inform, educate and entertain the target audience in order to influence them to purchase your product or use your service.

@ Diverse Marketing Tools – We incorporate several marketing tools in order to fully satisfy the needs of prospective clients. For this very purpose, we create web content, write blog articles, indulge in guest posting, write press releases, compile Whitepapers, create videos, host Webinars, give away free eBooks, TipSheets and much more.

Our Vast Distribution Network:

Until and unless you are able to showcase your marketing material to the target audience, allocating funds towards marketing your product is a sheer wastage of time and money. Our vast distribution network ensures that the marketing content is showcased to the target audience in the most suitable manner.

Using our intricate network of online channels and digital platforms, we streamline content distribution in the most profitable way. In order to distribute your content, we use both free as well as paid marketing channels.

Emphasis is laid on customizing the distribution process as per the requirements of the client. We prepare a content distribution plan after receiving and incorporating your inputs.

Final Note:

Content marketing is the key to promote your product or service in the most suitable manner. Hence, selecting the best content marketing company is an asset that you cannot hope to miss.


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