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Reputation Management

We live in a world where our reputation precedes us. The world is not kind enough to allow us to stage our actual appearance. We as individuals, and even business have to deal with constant reviews and opinions from the internet and even print media.

Recent study has shown that more than 90% of individuals tend to buy things based on their reviews online. More companies are choosing to research job candidates over the internet before recruiting them or even before the actual interview.

The Need For A Clean Online Reputation

Most online negative content is permanent. Even in cases where you are able to take down bad posts, pictures or reviews, some individuals are able to take screen shots which are just as incriminating. This may follow you years and years after college when you need to get a job.

Your online presence is of importance even when applying for government jobs and public office. Deleted content or unexplainable posts are likely to cost you a chance to serve the people.

Data found in private accounts is not as privates it seems. It is very possible to have your account hacked and personal incriminating information passed round. Customers on e-commerce sites rely heavily on reviews from other customers when choosing to buy from you. A bad online reputation is highly likely to hurt your website traffic and eventually your sales.

How We Do It

Keeping up a good online reputation is not entirely impossible, however, sometimes all it takes to destroy years of hard work is one negative review. We therefore focus on a branch of reputation management called preventive management.

1. Preventive reputation management

This is done through

· Constant online monitoring.

This is important for any business. We google your company name using various filters to check for any complaints before they go sour. We also monitor all the other social media sites such as Facebook and ensure that online presence is adequately felt. We offer answering services to customer’s questions while noting their complaints. This in a way helps to prevent a crisis.

We also seek out all content that is related to your business on blogs and papers.

2. We combat all the negative content out there

If your business has already faced some bad hits, then worry not. We seek to help you manage the crisis. We do this by,

· Pushing down all the negative results to the point of extinction.

We ensure that all the bad content or reviews are crowded down at the bottom to the point where they cannot be read or are considered irrelevant.

· Flooding the internet with better positive content.

We make it our aim to genuinely increase your better content. We seek out positive reviews on all the websites that matter and take surveys aimed at boosting you’re positioning.


There is no standard pricing. What we charge you is totally dependent on how severely damaged your reputation is and what package of management you need.

If your reputation is really damaged, we take it upon ourselves to make it as good as new despite the cost.

There are different packages depending on your need. If you choose to have a constant online monitoring, the rates will vary from a business that chooses only a monthly clean up

Why us?

· We have a wealth of experience in this field.

· We have a team of dedicated on call staff that are trained to handle any crisis and properly so

· We take your case as our personal mission and shall not rest until you are able to have good publicity


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