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Recovery Audit

If you do notice an unexplained and abrupt dip in traffic to your website, then there are reasons to infer that the site has gotten penalized by Google though this may not always be the case. Anytime there happens to be a reduction regarding keyword rankings, penalties by Google are typically blamed incorrectly. However, the truth is that there could be an update by the search giant, and as such, there are winners and losers. You do not always need to suspect a penalty outright unless there has been a sharp drop in traffic or non-paid searches. In case there has been an actual penalty by Google, your website could be contravening or going against the Google Webmaster Guidelines. What you have to do, in such an event, is conduct some tests and check whether the website has been given a penalty.

Check and Test for the Penalty

There are different reasons why your site could have been penalized by Google and identifying the issue that brought about the punishment in the first place is a good first step towards redemption and final ranking on the search engine.

Don’t Just Look Natural, Be Natural

Anchor text that has been overly optimized can often prove to be going against the grain and as such, you must take precautions to make your links natural. A lot of ads on the web pages that are not proportional to the informative content on the page also needs to be avoided. Content must always be appealing to the end user and also able to satisfy their searches.

Take care to stay away from shallow content that does not contain much depth and is over optimized as the content needs to provide some real value for the readers. It also has got to be written in such a manner that the person reading it will be able to get the gist of the matter by just going through a few paragraphs. If you lack one, our writers will carry this out for you as we have experts and qualified editors that will create content that is original and of a high quality towards the benefit of your business.

Improve the Entire Architecture of the Site

Never should there be any low-quality or spammy links in the content that you put up on your website. Also, you should try as much as possible to avoid unnecessary content written on the same grouping of keywords as this will be noticed outright by search engines.

Humans Vs. Search Engines

Social sharing links need to be placed on your website in a bid to enable Google to recognize that your content has been connected by humans and not only stuffed full of keywords that merely make the search engines happy. Content also has got to address the precise queries of the user that was searching for it and happened to click on your particular link.

Reconsideration Request

If you have gotten rid of all the errors that could have resulted in your website’s penalization, you can then submit an application for review to Google from your Webmaster account. Your site will be put under manual review for violation of the put guidelines, and this may take a few weeks. You will also receive a message that your site or domain is being considered and will then be investigated for re-inclusion in the result pages. If your domain still doesn’t recover, then ou need to get rid of all the paid links as well as paying careful attention to all backlink anchor text.

SEO Penalty Recovery Consultation and Services

The recovery happens to be quite a time-consuming process which requires careful preparations and some level of in-depth expertise. You can also create your means of bringing back traffic to your website though it could take months of hard work with no assurance of recovery. Alternatively, you do have the option of making the site available to SEO teams that will work to place back your website in the position that it was in search engine result pages.

All in all, the sure way to recover your site quickly is increasing the level of trust and confidence that people, as well as search engines, place into your site. Our penalty estimation and recovery services are designed in such a manner as to identify here the site falls short of meeting the standards that have been set by Google. We will additionally conduct a meticulous audit of your website to recognize these shortfalls and suggest tasks that can keep it in total synchrony with the algorithmic changes. For fast and efficient recovery of your site that has been penalized by Google, contact us for practical advice.


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