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Link Analysis and Management

Link detox is a general term, used by the analysts, and it refers to the removal of any bad (toxic) links, which are being connected to a certain website. Unfortunately, the toxic links are very common. Many website owners constantly receive toxic links to their page, without even noticing. Even if they don’t represent a danger to the webpage itself, the toxic links may have some negative effects over the page’s visibility on the internet. Google and other popular search engines don’t tolerate these links and will penalize anyone who is associated with such links. Unfortunately, the sanctions apply even for the owners who are not aware about the toxic links incoming, towards their website. This will drastically affect the organic search and the ranking of your website in the search engines results. In order to avoid that, you have to make sure that you don’t receive any toxic links and if you do, you have to get rid of them as soon as possible.

I noticed that my website rankings are affected by toxic links. Can I solve the problem with Odyssey New Media?

First of all, this program is a Link Detox software and a very effective one. A software like this, will always find its use, even if you’re not certain that you have bad links coming to your website. Google doesn’t analyze the provenance of those links and will usually penalize any website that’s having them. So this leaves you with no other choice than to get rid of the toxic links. A common mistake among many website owners, is to think that their page couldn’t possibly have any bad link. This mentality is wrong and some of them might accumulate thousands of toxic links, without even knowing it. If you can’t handle the problem by yourself, you can always work with a SEO specialist. They have the right level of expertise and will use their tools, in order to extract any bad link, analyze it and then remove it in such way, that it will never bother you again. Besides a good tool, this procedure requires experience, so a professional is what you may need in these circumstances.

How does the analysis, removal and disavow process works?

– Make a list with the reported links and extract them with Google Webmaster Tools
– Combine the obtained backlinks with the ones acquired using the SEO analysis software.
– Take a look at every link and label them as good, bad or unproductive.
– Show the bad links to your clients and explain them, why they need to be removed (normally, the clients will be responsive and will agree to remove the toxic links).
– Email the bad links senders and request them to remove the bad links.
– Create a disavow file and submit it to Google

Toxic links are incredibly harmful for a website and if they are not being handled properly, they might have some bad repercussions. That’s why, you need to be sure that you properly analyze your website and prevent such unpleasant situations.


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