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Keyword Research

As has often been said by top internet marketers, keyword research is what determines whether your website becomes a success or a complete failure. It is a powerful tool that when done properly will really improve the fortunes of your online business. This is because the building block of an effective search engine optimization campaign is a successful keyword research.

Here at Click Trends, we use KEI (keyword effectiveness index) to determine how effective the chosen keyword will be for a given website. To help you identify the most effective keywords or key phrases for your campaign, we compare the number of times a given keyword is searched for by clients, with the number of competing pages for that particular keyword.

Features of Keyword Research Service by Click Trends

At Click Trends, our keyword research specialists examine various aspects so as to identify the right phrases and keywords for your website. Below are some of the main aspects that we pay attention to:

• Value: All the keywords that we select must have genuine value to website owners, because this is a very important part of successful SEO strategy.

• Frequency: the degree of search frequency is very important because keywords searched for more frequently are likely to drive more traffic to your site.

• Relevance: It is important that the keyword chosen is relevant to the business or organization and its services or products. We ensure relevance before we settle on a keyword.

• Competitiveness: The degree of competitiveness of each keyword or key phrase must come out clearly in keyword research so as to achieve top positions on search engines.

The Click Trends Keyword Research Process

The internet is awash with many keyword research tools that are often free, and you may easily think that it’s not necessary to hire an expert to do the keyword research for you. But free tools notwithstanding, it is still very important that you get a professional to do keyword research for you. The reason is that this is the one aspect of SEO that can make or even break your website.

Here at Click Trends, our experts conduct both external and internal keyword research. Our detailed report shows how extensive the research was, and contains the following:

• A comprehensive list of keywords based upon your niche market
• A thorough scrutiny of your keyword search volume on all the major search engines
• Keyword recommendations for service pages and your home page
• Suggestion on how you can improve your website’s overall keyword strategy
• Information regarding the keywords that are used by your competitors
• Expert recommendations on SEO and Internet marketing campaigns

The Click Trends Advantage!

By choosing Click Trends to do keyword research for you, we ensure that you get the following:

• The perfect combination of key phrases and keywords used by actual people in your target market
• Further keywords in accordance with your specific industry
• Recommendations on the keywords not to use on your SEO campaign
• Accurate information about the popularity of your website
• A comprehensive list of long tail keywords that can be implemented into your PPC (pay per click) strategy
• Professional search engine optimization content that incorporates the selected keywords in a manner that is intuitive and creative.


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